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If you are using a browsing app which blocks content like unauthorized scripting, you may have to allow the domain through in order to be able to utilize the menu (to your left, on a regular computer; above, on a mobile device). That menu will allow you through to my Posts page…or, you could click the hyperlink I’ve just inserted!

About this site:

Through creating this site, I hope to encourage myself to read more, write in a more elevated style than I usually do online, and possibly publish some original fiction. The site will be focused around reading, writing, information sources (like books, websites and databases), and libraries.

I also have an interest in art, so if you see webcomic art popping up here from time to time, you’ll know why. 🙂

As well, although at inception I intended this site to be about and for writing, reading, “books,” (this concept is more complex than it seems) and libraries, I can’t guarantee that some of my writings and images regarding art and art practice, won’t make it up here. This is majorly because of my current focus…

About me:

I am about to graduate from a Master’s in LIS (Library & Information Science) degree program, and could not be happier! My undergraduate degree, however (a BA), was a joint build between English and Creative Writing.

In the beginning of my LIS degree, however, I strongly doubted myself, and ended up spending three years taking classes which culminated in the dual Associate’s degrees of Art, and Liberal Arts. I tried going back to Art because I knew that, as with English, I had innate skill at it. I also wanted to see if I could create a comic project on my own.

Looking back on it, though, it’s also possible that I took on Art because I had gotten to the point of being able to actually convincingly say things with my writing, and was afraid to do so. Going into Art meant finding something else to put between myself and the eventual act of storytelling.

If anyone is curious, I have basically been trained in Literature, though my writing interests currently run along the lines of that and speculative fiction, soft science fiction, plus a dash of metaphysical horror (which for some reason sounds scarier to me, than, “supernatural horror,” probably because metaphysics seems more plausible).

As I’ve gotten older, though, the urge to scare the reader (and myself) has diminished. 😉 I’m thinking that if I want to seriously get back into writing, I may have to drop the horror tangent, because I’m too good at freaking myself out. That provides another excuse not to write.

Because it’s apparently notoriously difficult to get a secure job in the Humanities which pays decently and steadily (especially if one is a writer or artist), I decided to try and leverage my undergraduate degree towards a career, in taking on the MLIS. The degree allows me the freedom to take on a role as a Librarian, though I haven’t gotten a job as one, yet.

My focus in Library School was Digital Services, which has given me the tools to start out in Web Publishing. If I ever get around to setting up a hard-coded website which is ready for public eyes, I’ll let you know. However, for now, it’s just sandboxing for me.

I actually have many interests outside of language; I’ve been told this can be both a blessing and a curse. Writing was just the only thing that held steady for me as a young 20-something in University. I’m currently trying to figure out how to divide my time between writing, reading, sewing, knitting & crochet, printmaking, painting, drawing, professional development (coding and more reading), further developing a new language, ET CETERA.

And oh, right, my job. 😉 It’s not high on my list right now, because I’m severely underemployed. However, that may change in the near future…